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missing parts, incomplete

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I am so tired of people.

Stupid people who judge.

Stupid, easily manipulated people.

Weak people.

People who treat their spouses like shit and think they're in the right.

People who treat other people like they're pawns on a chess board.

People who think if they're told nice things, that they're not just pawns.

People who deserve what they'll get.


They will forever be alone, and hollow.

I hate these kinds of people.

They remind me why I don't like people in general.

Stupid, weak minded, short sighted, idiots who will never get anywhere in life.

I am not one to forgive. I remember everything.
In life, there is always payment.
Whether this is equivalent exchange, three fold law, or just good old karma.
Everyone, eventually gets what they deserve.
May those that are false get what they deserve.


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