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DR: Hallowed Hill - The House - PPI meeting.
Paranormal investigation crew discussing technology to use in their next case.

Jason - Team lead. Skeptic. Charismatic.
David - Researcher. True Believer. Shy, but excitable.
Samantha "Sam" - Technician. Believer. Military background. Has many secrets.

Mainly dialog in this to be integrated further into the story.

We find our heroes in their tiny conference room, Sam has called a meeting to discuss some new equipment she'd like to use in the next case.

Sam: "Okay, I called everyone here today to discuss some of the new equipment I've been developing. Mainly a set of goggles which should work in conjunction with the PKE grid."
Jason: "I'm not sure if we should be trying out new equipment at this time. The successful test of the grid was able to prove that ghosts exist. I mean, it's good enough for me, seriously. That was a very disturbing event."
David: "Yeah, it was, just. I don't even have words. Too bad it didn't tape very well."
S: "That's part of the reason I'd like to test some of the newest tech I've been working on."
J: "Go ahead and describe it. I don't really feel all that comfortable with using the grid again. At least until we test it some more before we go to Maine. I really don't want to just use it without proper testing."
S: "Before we make any decisions on the tech, let me tell you exactly how it works."
Sam picks up a large equipment briefcase and sets it down on the table. Looking at the way she had to put muscle behind the action it must way somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 pounds. She opens the case and pulls out a set of what looks like modified night vision goggles and a couple different lens that look like they'd fit on some of their video equipment.
S: "With this equipment we'd be able to see the apparitions more clearly. More importantly, we'd be able to capture them on video. Of course this is predicated on actual functionality. The good part is that if we decide to go ahead and use this method I can reduce the weight of the equipment significantly."
D: "How does it all work? I mean, I kind of understand how the grid works, I don't quite get the liquid part of it though."
S: "The liquid that is used is an electrolytic solution that has been infused with psychokinetic energy. When in contact with a ghost, the ghost can use it to manifest. When we use it with our equipment it forces the entity to appear."
J: "Will this get rid of our liability with having to use something that can cause water damage to a client, because that's a pretty serious issue. Our insurance costs are too high as it is."
S: "Possibly. It's one of the main reasons I'm working this angle of the tech. The filters I've made are actually a solidified version of the PKE solution. I've used a material called "aerogel" to create the filters. Unfortunately it's very expensive currently. Like I said if we decide to use this I can get bulk discounts. The goggles on the other hand, have been modified and use a sealed liquid chamber in the lens. I was able to rewire the way it works. It might work completely without the grid. We just need to test this and then I can make it lighter. It's pretty cumbersome right now."
J: "I like it. If it helps us get away from having to use the grid, which is an awesome piece of equipment, don't get me wrong, then I'm all for it. David, what do you think?"
D: "I say we take it back to the warehouse where we tested it. No time like the present. If it works, it works. It will be a huge leap in terms of ghost hunting technology. Eventually we may even allow the world to see that ghosts and other things like that are real."
J: "Don't get too far ahead of yourself there, David. To get the scientific community on board we'd have to tell them how the grid works, and from what I understand it breaks the laws of physics, correct?"
S: "Not completely. It's just that it uses a kind of energy that most scientists would say doesn't exist. The very way I have to manufacture it makes it unbelievable. It doesn't matter where I learned how to make it either. The government would deny that it taught me, and I'd probably be locked up, or worse."
At that thought Sam shuddered.
J: "I say we go ahead and test it tomorrow. We'll go ahead and setup the grid and do the full battery of tests and see what happens. Everyone agree?"
D and S in unison: "Yeah."
J: "Alright, good. We've all got some last minute stuff to do before the trip in a couple days. The equipment we're testing should be the only stuff not packed. Got it?"
S: "Yep, I've got most of it already done, now I just need to pack myself."
J: "How about you? David are you all set?"
D: "I'm as ready as I'm going to be, I really don't like flying. Why can't we take a train?"
J: "Because it would take way too long. Mr. Brown is paying a lot of money for us to investigate his house. Hell, it's going to be our decision on if the house is demolished or not. We have seven days to do the investigation. We can do it nice and slow and make sure nothing is up. That reminds me, David, do me a favor and print out the house history so we can review it on the flight. Also look up news reports the corroborate the information he gave us. Must have due diligence for all of our cases. We'd hate for the blogosphere to explode with talk about how we're complete frauds."
D: "Seriously, Jay. I don't give two shits what a bunch of pasty faced geeks think about us. Or our show."
J: "Hey now, they pay for a good portion of our business. Just be glad that I was able to talk the network out of sending along a babysitter. Remember what happened in New Orleans? They swore they weren't going to let that happen again. I was able to talk them out of it because this is not a well known haunting."
D: "Well, whatever. We all have stuff to do, so lets go do it."
David, very annoyed, storms out of the conference room.
S: "He's getting moodier. What's up with him?"
J: "I'm not sure, when he's calmed down I'll try to talk with him. We can't do the show without him."
S: "I know we can't. Most of the fans like him best, when they're not staring at my ass that is."
J: "Like I said, I'll talk with him later. I think the grid actually working just got to him really bad. I'm still pretty freaked out. That was either some cold hard proof, or somehow you made the beginnings of real life holodeck."
S: "It's real, as real as a ghost can be, I guess."
J: "Enough of this chit-chat, I've got a dozen different things to do, and you have to get tomorrows gambit of tests ready."
S: "Yeah. See you guys tomorrow at 0600?"
J: "That's 6am, right?"
S: "Uh-huh."
J: "Ugh, yeah, be there with bells on."
S: "Ha! I look forward to that."
Jason and Samantha both leave the conference room.

Now to see how I work all of that into a first person perspective from Jason. Unless I swap perspectives... or use first person and third person. I'm not really sure, but at least I have another scene down, if I decide to use it.


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