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City Stories...
Something is wrong in small town America.

Silent Springs, CA
In the town of Silent Springs people are going missing which causes a former resident to come back to investigate whats going on. What he finds will test his sanity.

Hallowed Hill, ME
A normal New England township is hiding a horrible secret that leads a group of paranormal investigators on a path that may lead to the end of all things.

New Haven, WA
Not all Native Americans Tribes were nature loving or lived in balance with the land. Thousands of years before the founding of the United States a tribe lost to the ages released a darkness into the land. It took many generations to beat back the evil. The darkness was trapped in a sigil etched onto a piece of sky metal.

Sorrows End, MN
In the Superior National Forest there is the ruins of a small town called Sorrows End. A half a dozen buildings remain after years of neglect. A hiker/explorer comes across the ruins and begins to research the old town. He finds old records in a library in Ely. He discovers that it was believed to be a cursed town and most of the town burned down in 1901 when a traveling preacher said the town needed to be exorcised and that there was a great evil. He started it at a small clinic on the eastern side of town. Most of the town burn down, except for the town center which included an old school house, church, and several other buildings

Greysill, CO
Emily and David are exploring San Juan Mountain and stumble upon the remains of an old mining town. Unfortunately they also stumble on a doomsday cult that has been driven mad by the whisperings of something within the mine.


Originally the stories were going to be in a universe I was creating for all of my stories.
They range from horror to fantasy to science fiction, but I want to go a darker route with my five dark house/town stories. While the Dystopian Reality universe works fairly well for the towns, I want to be able to not have to artificially limit myself and use the rules I've setup. I even have a pen and paper and video game ruleset for DR. Though none of it is set in stone I still think I need to segregate the five towns from the larger DR, or just change my ruleset to include the crazy shit going down.


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